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Taylor Reilly & Lachlan Delchau-Jones speak about their Entrepreneurship journey

Taylor Reilly is 20 years of age. He was born on the 11th of October 2000 in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating highschool in 2017, he began to learn the ins and outs of marketing by teaching himself about advertising and website design. After becoming acquainted with Lachlan in 2019, the pair have partnered on various eCommerce projects.

Lachlan Delchau-Jones is currently 18 years of age. He was born on the 29th of January 2002in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Mr Delchau-Jones graduated high school in 2019. Lachlan has been heavily active in the ecommerce and online content creation space for the last 4 years when he created his first online business and YouTube channel.

Q: What motivated you to become an entrepreneur? What motivates Lachlan to become an entrepreneur was a handful of points, firstly, people doubting myself. I always knew I could create my own path to whatever goal I wanted to achieve no matter how crazy or silly it is. Secondly I always knew it was my calling, “Since a young age I have been creating, testing, succeeding and failing, Passion has kept me going”, he said. What really motivates Taylor on the other hand to pursue entrepreneurship came after working various office jobs after leaving highschool. It didn’t take long for me to understand that I would rather work on building something myself and reaping the rewards than helping someone else achieve their dream. You get one chance at life, make a difference in the world.

Q: Was COVID a positive or negative for the business world ? “COVID was huge for the online business space, Throughout the year we consistently saw similar metrics to that of Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, It is bitter sweet obviously with the impact covid has had on the whole world however everyone in the ecommerce space felt telt the full effect of the online shopping boom.

This year has been a complete cluster of madness, all things being said though I’d like to think Lachlan and myself have made the most of it. 2020 at least for myself has been fantastic, really looking forward to making bigger strides in the coming year.

Q: Any secret plans in the works for the next 12 months? 2020 has been a hectic and fruitful year, As for 2021 the plan is to continue to diversify through different online business models and continue to build long term sustainable brands. I’ve got some exciting new projects in the works. 2021 is the year to move into long term sustainable brands that will actually make a significant difference.

You can find Lachlan Delchau-Jones on Instagram @lachiedj or & Taylor Reilly on Instagram @taylorbreilly or

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