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My Thoughts on TikTok...

Monday morning... scratching my head about what topic I'd love to express my viewpoint on long form. While doing such I've found it almost impossible to stop picking up my iPhone to scroll 5 times on TikTok.

This app really has made a dent in the short time it has been around. I first stumbled upon it August 2019; almost the golden era of the platform. Back then it was a unique app with such a simple structure but it just was so addicting. How easily it was to consume content and receive bursts of dopamine every scroll was very well pieced together.

My first experience with content creation and the platform was late August through my identical twin (now a 240k TikTok Star's) @hunterreilly YouTube channel. He endeavoured to see how easily it was to try and make something go viral. Within the first few videos he posted over 100,000 views like that.

My next big revelation with TikTok didn't happen until mid December 2019. The day I actually met one of my biggest business partners for the first time; I'd just met with him and I went home to help my Brother make a TikTok... expecting this to be the usual thousand views I was astonished to go to sleep that night with it being over 500,000 in just a few hours. That video ended up with 3.3 Million views.

How could this be helpful to business? The way I perceive it, is as the top of the funnel. I think it's important to use it as a way to drive fresh organic traffic to cool, new and interesting projects. Without going into detail TikTok aided in one of my ventures fuelling over $10,000+ in pre-orders. No ad spend. All it took was one video to blow up.

Hopefully by the end of 2020 I will muster up the courage to start incorporating it into my own personal brand. For any content creators looking for dramatic amounts of exposure, exhaust TikTok. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk :)

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