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Talking Music Branding and Tik-Tok

Australian entrepreneurs Lachlan Delchau-Jones and Taylor Reilly chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about musicians and the need to focus on their personal brands.

"Artists should be over-emphasising the amount of time they dedicate towards growing their personal brands (e.x. their marketability and network)," Reilly said. "To get music to blow up these days you need a certain type of virality and this comes easiest to the artist who has a strong network in which they can have their song shared across."

Delchau-Jones continued, "Over-emphasising platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Tik-Tok would be a starting point. I would be determining very early on what my brand message is, what type of artist I want to be; from their I would be finding elaborate ways to deliver that message in long-form and short-form across these social mediums."

When asked if they see any new industries developing in music and entertainment as a result of this pandemic, Reilly responded, "I don't necessarily see any new industries developing, but I do so evolution to the ones we currently have. Working very closely with Tik-Tok influencers here in Australia it has made it apparent how easy it is to make viral videos that can lead to hundreds of thousands if not millions of views. Goes to show that we are in the golden age of this platform an Artists should be taking advantage of this to make their music trend."

For young and aspiring brand strategists and marketers, Reilly remarked, "My advice would be to simply just get started. Watch things, read things and fail. The ones who succeed learn from those experiences to make them a much more well rounded marketer."

Regarding the future of music/entertainment brand marketing in 2021 and beyond, Delchau-Jones said, "I see it very heavily drifting towards influencers. The classic radio ad is now using a Tik-Tok influencer to dance to one of your songs. The rules have changed; the artists that succeed will be the ones who adapt the fastest. We're already seeing a plethora of musicians on the platform breakthrough from utilising influencers to get their music trending."

To learn more about Taylor Reilly, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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